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1. Market to The Top 50 Agents on the Board

2. Price Your Property to Sell Versus the Competition

3. Actively Market Your Property. (Active Versus Passive Marketing)

4. Put a Lock Box and Sign on the Property and Make it Internet Accessible

5. The Commitment I Make to my Customers

1. Market to the Top 50 Agents on the Board
There are over 1100 agents in our market and about 5% of us sell 95% of properties. I market not just to the public and hope to find someone in space to buy you home. I market to these top agents. They have the most buyers and the most referrals. So, I'm going to pinpoint the ones that are selling the most properties and talk to them non-stop - telling them about YOUR property. I'm sure you would like someone else success, rather than just myself, working on the sale of your home. If you were having brain surgery, would you want a seasoned veteran or a medical student experimenting? I've sold over 1600 properties in the Myrtle Beach area.

2. Price your property to sell versus the competition
On March 21, 2002 there were 2,233 properties for sale just in the North Myrtle Beach/Little River area. 85 properties sold in February 2002. 300 came on the market. The MLS book looks like a telephone directory. If no other properties listed to sell, it will take 25 to 27 months to sell the inventory, yet 300 more came on the market in February! We have to price your property where it will sell - not sit. You don't want to be a needle in a haystack - do you?
The problem with overpricing your property is this: when the top 50 agents see your price on MLS, they are going to say "What's wrong with Bill? He is &10,000 too high. He knows better than that. The sellers must not be motivated," they won't show it at all.
The word "overpriced" means less showings! The more showings we have, the sooner it will sell. The longer your home is on the market, the more it gets buried in the 639 homes that are now for sale. How do we ever convince anyone to show your property? You become just another statistic - just one of the other unsold 639 homes on the market. Can you afford to let that happen?

3. Actively market your home - Notify all my past prospects & clients that your home is For Sale
Active versus Passive Marketing

Passive Marketing is basically sitting around doing nothing such as holding open houses, sending out flyers or advertising in the newspaper. Did your last agent use any of these methods? These methods can be effective on certain occasions, but not predicable. Yet, your last agent may have sold them to you as if this was the answer to all your problems. Do you understand what I mean by passive...basically, sitting around with your fingers crossed...waiting for the buyer?

Active Marketing, on the other hand, is literally getting on the phone every single day and personally contacting as many people as I can....25, 50, even 100 a day. I know people are going to move every 8 to 10 years and I know the more people we contact, the better chance we have to sell your home.
If I have this property listed, I'm going to call all of my past clients and prospects and tell them that I just listed a great home. Here's the price. Let's go. The key is asking them if they would like to buy your home, if they know someone who would like to buy your home, or if they would like to sell their house. Do you know why I ask if they would like to sell their home? Because the more signs I have, the more buyer's calls I get to show your home.

In today's economy, the market is going to to do one of two things; either remain the same or continue to go down. So you see, waiting just doesn't help.

4. I put a lock box and sign on the property and place it on the Internet.

May I tell you why? You are not home all of the time and 22% of all buyers come from the sign. The sign will give you the exposure you need and the lock box will allow easy access for other Realtors. The Internet makes your home more accessible to buyers worldwide. More showings = quicker sale.

5. MOST IMPORTANT! The commitment I make to my Customers.

I am going to prospect 3 hours per day on the telephone 5 days a week. I will personally call and make 30 to 50 contacts a day - calling anybody and everybody. Asking them to buy your home. That means I will be aggressively talking to people 15 hours a week. I'm going to be trying aggressively to find a buyer for your home.

You would like an aggressive agent to sell your home. Correct?
Let's get started today! I can sell your home.



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