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Things to Consider in Over Priced Listings

1. Sellers lose the positive impact of their new listing on the market and can lose prime selling time.

2. Sellers lose confidence in their agent, blaming him, when their hose is not sold. They complain about poor salesmanship, too little advertising, lack of concern, not keeping them informed, not enough showing, etc.

3. Buyers concentrate on objections and minimize good points in the home.

4. Buyers become confused about values and generally buy another home where they are more confident about the fair market value of it.

5. Sales associates lose enthusiasm about showing properties that buyers reject due to price. They prefer showing properties where their chances of selling are reasonable.

6. Sellers place themselves in a poor position to obtain maximum dollars since property can become shopworn and even though the price is subsequently reduced, the public is "turned off"

7. Sellers lose valuable time. Time is wasted in preparing for a showing, when there is a slim chance of a sale. Families are separated needlessly when sellers hold out for a price that is unobtainable and one spouse is already transferred to a new location.

8. Buyers become suspicious, thinking that there is something wrong with either the home or the neighborhood, when a home has been on the market for a long time. (And buyers always ask how long the house has been on the market.)

9. The real estate agency loses its reputation in the area when a property is not sold. The neighbors blame the agency and will not list their homes with it. They will look for someone else to do the job.

10. Negotiations between buyers and sellers usually break down when a home is overpriced, because a seller does not know a good offer when he sees one.

11. The real estate agency wastes advertising dollars.

12. Sellers lose opportunities to buy another home if they must sell their present home first or additional costs are incurred in carrying two homes.



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